Hai Nguyen Hotel Nghe An

Located at Socio-Economic Centre of Vinh city, on Truong Chinh street, Hai Nguyen Hotel is really an ideal destination for visitors, organizing parties, meetings, fast information connection and convenient in trading and financial transactions.

Hai Nguyen Hotel Nghe An


With modern architecture and scale at 3-star standard including Services: 105 international standard rooms, 1000-guest  conference room, restaurant for weeding party, restaurant for breakfast of guests, office for lease, bar, dance hall, family karaoke, massage sauna, health club, free internet wifi, etc. The interior is luxurious and convenient, space is nice and warm.


Our hotel is honorable to successfully serve big events organized in Hai Nguyen Hotel at international level.

With experience of more than 10 years, professional, enthusiastic and friendly staff and officers are ready to serve 24/24 with motto “Serving Guests is our happiness”.

The Hotel offers many special privileges for delegation, regular guests, and long-term guest on contract and quickly and favorably makes payment by credits (visa, master, amex).

Come to Hai Nguyen Hotel to experience comfort and safety as at your home…

Hai Nguyen Hotel Nghe An
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Hai Nguyen Nghe An Hotel
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